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Friday, April 29, 2011

Long time... We are back!

We will find out the gender of Baby#2 May 18th.
Predictions?! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Adult Momma ?!= July

Ive been getting teased since I finally turned twenty one and became an "adult" but being a mom it seems it shouldnt matter right?! I thought so too. My birthday was on a weekday so Ian and I didnt have any plans. Curts family took me to lunch it was delicious 7-11 and opened gifts. They must know me well.. I got clothing gift certificates {thanks guys} Then Curt got home and he knocked {weird} he always walks in. He had roses in his hand and carrot cake {weird pick you say?! its both our favorite and our wedding cake lol} He had such great cards from Ian and one from him. He is such a great hubby and daddy i just love him to pieces. We had a nice dinner and that was it.
Over the weekend Curts parents made me green chilli { my favorite, Rick does it soo good} and we spent the afternoon there with the family.


Sorry, I wish I was good like Whit with her blog. So much has gone on that im going to try to update on each month...

I have had a rough month.. not as in bad rough, just hard. Ian is toothing.. yes you heard right TOOTHING at 2 1/2 months I told Curt I thought Ian was cranky and grabbing his gums a little different. Nobody beleived me really but, two weeks later it was official. You can see them coming now, I just hope they come fast my sweet, calm boy is going crazy as are his parents. :) He is so handsome cant wait to see his pearly whites.

Friday, July 30, 2010


I havent posted anything for a while, but between Ian and all the house stuff I hardly have time to sit more than five minutes at a time... Ian is getting so fun each day he does something new.. he is so alert and he sure is mommas boy and a mini me! I see alot of me in him and my baby pictures are alot alike. Ian is so sweet he puts a smile on my face everyday. I am one of those moms that has the camera on all day taking pictures lol but i have gotten alot of good smiles and cute memories... Ian has made me the happiest little momma

Monday, June 28, 2010

Date Nite=

Saturday Night was our date nite, it was great to talk {most the nigth we did talk about our handsome, sweet little baby} we definetly needed some time to spend together.. we went to dinner with Ian since I just was having such a ahrd time taking him to Grandma's house. Then we headed up to Dryfork, it was the fastest ride up there i have ever had {lol} We were up there i fed Ian, changed his diaper and Curtis said the words... well are ya ready i just put on my heels {which i was a pro at, i would wear heels even at bonfires, camping whatever, after 9 months not so easy lol} anywho His parents kept looking at me waiting for me to say nevermind I think when they said "Have fun" It suddenly hit me. I just got in the truck and Curt kept holding my hand lol t was a very silent ride by both of us. Well we went for a shake and came home to get all the stuff to go to the drive in... it was good we talked about the last three years together... and It was great.. I am so happy i married my best friend, a great dad, and a great husband! Needless to say we had fallen asleep not even an hour into the movie so we decided to come home we just talked in bed and passed out lol... I kept waking up looking at my monitor and remembered Ian was at Grandmas..

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mixed feelings

Ive been falling asleep through the alarm to get Curtis up for work a few times now, im pretty tired lol but i know its the joys that come with Ian.. Its not even him its just busy work and house work and Curtis time and all that.. so he decided to take me on a date tonight... Way excited since i havent really been able to go to bed with him since Ian was born its always something and by the time i get to go he is sound asleep :) He is goign to Grandma and Papas house but im not sure i will be able to handle it thank goodness this wont happen very often cause im already missing him and he is on my lap I love my TWO men

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our new arrival

Ian Robert
May 27 5:28 am 6 lbs 15,9 oz 20.75 in